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AFL Little Legends by Nicole Hayes & Adrian Beck

The Little Legends are back in an extra-time, extra-fun adventure to celebrate Australia Reads! 2021. Little Legends follows Oz, Ellie and Sanjay Little, star players for the Fresca Bay Falcons, on a series of hilarious and action-packed adventures that celebrate the great game of Australian Rules. When the Falcons win a prestigious lightning footy tournament, they receive a cup to commemorate the occasion. The tournament is in its 100th year, and the special cup is set to be displayed at the MCG sports museum. The Falcons are invited to the grand unveiling, but as the curtain drops, the cup is missing! It’s up to Ellie, Oz and Sanjay to figure out where it went… and discover what other secrets the mighty MCG holds. Perfect for fans of Tiny Timmy, Real Pigeons and Weirdo, Little Legends is the only official AFL junior fiction series. It’s packed with fun and will entertain footy-mad kids for hours!

We have created 6 activities to bring this book to life for both footy-mad kids and those who know nothing about the game at all. There is a fun activity to find who kicked the winning goal, a brief history of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) - a former Olympic Games site, instructions on how to make your own AFL Championship trophy, a map of the MCG with word problems to solve, step by step instructions for how to draw a shaggy dog like Scruff-Muffin and a research activity to discover some of Australia’s sporting legends.

When you have finished these there are three interactive games you can play below. A memory matching game with AFL related images, a maze to get the football through the goal like Ellie did in the book and a puzzle using the books cover.


The games below are advertisement free and will open in a new window. They can be played by children online as many times as they like. The Match Up Memory Card Game will allow children to improve their memory while the Maze Game lets them develop strategy and problem solving skills while having fun. These games will also build children's attention, concentration and focus, visual recognition and short-term memory. Enjoy.

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