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Bloomsmath Level 7 Year 6

Covering every outcome within the NSW syllabus, each strand contains 5 sequentially more challenging activities which all address the one, grade appropriate outcome.   

As can be seen in the FREE Kindergarten Whole Number Strand students first complete the Knowledge outcome to prove their competence in this strand  before progressing through the remaining Bloomsmath activities up to their ability level.

Make Maths Fun To Teach and Learn

Bloomsmath encourages group interaction with highly able and motivated students sparking each other in math tasks which are sometimes on a competitive and sometimes on a cooperative basis. Bloomsmath is student centered and focuses on the student’s interests, input and ideas rather than those of the teacher thus encouraging the acceptance of others ideas and opinions before evaluating them.

Bloomsmath accommodates different student’s learning styles and provides opportunities for students to articulate their mathematic reasoning for arriving at their solution. Students can fast track through already mastered material, and think beyond the mathematics they encounter in their prescribed textbook.

Using Bloomsmath you can ensure 100% student engagement where everyone is having fun.

The following flow chart is designed to give a pictorial explanation of how to use Bloomsmath.

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Whole Number

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Addition & Subtraction

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Multiplication & Division

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Fractions & Decimals

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Chance & Probability

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Patterns & Algebra

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Volume & Capacity

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3D Space

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2D Space

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